Andon Donev - Vocals, Guitar

Andon Donev

Andy was born in Shabla in a family where music was always playing. As far as he can remember, he's always tried to sing. In his early teenage years he would try and make music on his sister's acoustic guitar. It's unclear whether what he played actually sounded good.
In 2003 he moved to Varna to study informatics at the "University of economics". A student by day and a musician by night, he became part of the city's rock scene playing in several cover bands. In 2009 he met with Edmon and Krasio to form a new acoustic band called REVISION. Two years later the three of them (along with Nikolay Bozhilov) decide to form a new band, this time with the intention of writing only original music. The rest of the story is in the "Biogaphy" section.

Krasio Milchev - Drums, Percussions

Krasio Milchev

Krasio was born and raised in Balchik. At the age of 15 he enrolled in "Naiden Gerov" high school in Varna. It was here where he found his passion for drumming, after having attended a classmate's band rehearsal. From that point on, Krasio began teaching himself how to play the drums using nothing but pillows and pans.
After spending three years on his own, the young drummer took up private lessons by Nikolay Tonchev and spend 6 years under his guidance.
Nowadays Krasio not only drumms, but raps as well. In January, going by the name of Lay-Zy, he self released his first solo album "Mudrost ot Panelkata".

Ivan Rusev - Bass, Backing Vocals

Ivan Rusev

As if destined to become a musician - Ivan was born in a town called Shumen (literally translates to "Loud"). Ever since he was a child, he was fascinated by guitars - seeing them both on TV and when visiting friends of his parents. His desires to play the instrument came through when his parents' initial plan to sign him up for an English  class failed due to lack of free slots. As a result, Ivan voiced his wish to play the guitar and "Mom and Dad" honored it.
During his school years, Ivan studied the acoustic guitar extensively, while also taking first steps to play the electric guitar, piano and sing in the school choir. He played lead guitar in his school's band for a while, but became a bassist in the making when the local city band AMRANTH invited him to become "a part of the family".
Things were flourishing until 2009 when Ivan moved to study "Computer systems and technologies" at the Technical University of Varna. Later, other group members also changed location and the activity of the band significantly decayed.
Ivan took part in several projects in Varna, where he had a small number of performances as a bassist, until he reached a period of silence for a couple of months.
He met Andon Donev via their common interest in running and later learned that Andy plays in a band and is looking for a new bassist. That is how Ivan became a piece of the PAINOUT puzzle.

Nikolay Bozhilov - Guitar, backing vocals

Nikolay Bozhilov

Nikolay starts learning the guitar from his brother, who (in the distant 1985) sends him letters from the barracks with popular songs and their chords. In high school, he's in the same class with Edmon Mardirosyan and together they form (and play in) three school bands going by the names ENERGIX, LABIRINTH and FIX. They have only a few stage performances. Shortly after, Nikolay joins SAX and records a DIY album in the rehearsal studio of the popular band from Varna - LUCIFER. The events are followed by a small (some 10+ years) pause.
In 2005, Nikolay accepts his old friend Edmon's invitation and they create the conceptual project NEVERHALL, in which they make their first (out of three planned) albums, named "1915 (Epistles at the Unborn Child)". Afterwards, the group is disbanded. Eddie plans a new project, where he invites Nikolay again, and together with Andy and Krasio forms the original PAINOUT.