"Something More to Say" - Stories behind the songs (part 1)
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Happy new year!
We wish you your 2020 to be better and more interesting that your 2019. And let all your day be surrounded by music!

In the course of few weeks we published a song from our EP "Something More to Say" in the band's Facebook page. Every post contained a short story about the process of creating the song and some interesting facts about it. The songs are already availableYouTube so you can also listen to them there. But we decided to collect the stories of the songs in here and today we are sharing the first three songs from "Something More to Say".
Have a nice reading and listening!

1. Hibernation (Revised)

The concept for this EP has always been the same ever since we decided to make it. This would be the closing chapter for the band’s previous line up (Edmon and Zhivko) and the start of a new one, that being Andy on vocals and Ivan on bass. Almost all the songs here were written during the debut album cycle, but didn’t make the final cut. Still, we decided to record them afterwards, because they mean so much to us. This is where the name "Something More to Say" comes from. It’s a joke based on the song "Nothing More to Say" from the first album. The story behind “Hibernation (Revised)”, however, is different. “Hibernation” is a song from our debut CD. While rehearsing with Ivan we decided to experiment more with vocals. We reworked the final section of the song, fell in love with it and decided to play it like this on every concert. The feedback was very positive, so we re-recorded the song with the new ending. If you’re going to build a bridge between the old and the new line up, what better way could there be than to make a song where you can clearly hear both?

2. Sometimes

This is an old composition of Andy’s which he’s always wanted to play with a band. The rest of the guys agreed to do it and so “Sometimes” was played a lot in 2013 and 2014. Back then Zhivko was still on vocals and Rositsa Nikolova often appeared on the stage to perform the keyboard parts. Because it sounded too much like a radio song (thanks to the duet like singing style inspired by Simon and Garfunkel), “Sometimes” never made the final cut for the first album. Fortunately, you can hear it here in two versions. On this one, the strings are played by Dilyan Bogdanov (ex-Revision, ex-Perfect Sequence). He sent his parts all the way from the USA where he currently lives. Why does the song have two versions, you ask? Well, you will find out soon enough.


3. Stone Skipper's Diary

When Painout was formed back in 2011 we rehearsed at a community center in the “Pobeda” neighborhood. That’s when the first 4 songs came to life, one of which was “Stone Skipper's Diary”. A pop-rock song based on 4 chords and a chorus consisting only of „Nаааа-nаааа-nа-nаааа…“. The track was composed by Edmon and became a regular part of the band setlist. Even then Edmon had a concept for a video which he would often talk about with great passion. “Stone Skipper's Diary” didn’t make the final cut in 2014 when we discussed which songs should end up on the self-titled debut. However for the EP it became the centerpiece because we managed to capture the feel we were looking for. Later on we shot a video based on Edmon’s ideas which was very well received. There’s a surprise in the studio version of the song which you can hear at the end. During the process of recording, Baev became very inspired and added more guitar tracks to one song section. Since this wasn't suitable for this part of the song, we decided to move it at the end. Now you can hear the complete track.