"Something More to Say" - Stories behind the songs (part 2)
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Today we share with you the stories of the last three songs of our EP - "Something More to Say". In the course of few weeks, we shared a song in the band's Facebook page and we decided to to gather all the stories. The first part can be foun at this link. Currently all the songs are available in the video sharing platform YouTube and you can check it out here.
Have a nice reading and listening!

4. Corals

“Corals” is the only truly original song in this EP, unlike the rest which were written during the first album cycle. This is also the first song where Ivan was involved with the writing process. We did our best to make his bass skills stand out, since the bass guitar is pretty important for this composition. This instrumental wasn’t easy to flesh out - it took countless hours in the rehearsal space and many ideas from Nikolay, KrasiŠ¾ and Ivan to bring it to an end in 2016. For the title alone we spend a great deal of time trying to come up with different sea related names until one day KrasiŠ¾ came up with the perfectly, simple suggestion – “Corals”. Furthermore this name is a perfect continuation of the sea theme started in “Stone Skipper’s Diary”.

5. Alone

Once upon a time there was this young guitarist named Nikolay (a.k.a. Baev). He loved his guitar, his band and to wreck rehearsal studios while playing metal and hard rock. But this fellow had a secret passion. One very hard to share as it would certainly have gotten him kicked out by his fellow musicians. Baev… loved… jazz. Hidden in his dark room he created a pretty little ditty, fully encompassing the notion that he is truly alone in the cruel rock world. He named it “Alone”. Years went by during which Baev played out in many bands. For a while he even stopped playing all together. But “Alone” was always in his heart. So one day he decided to share it with his colleagues in PAINOUT. They accepted it and gave it life along with some rather expressive lyrics. The band recorded the pretty, little ditty and now they share it with the rest of the world. So Baev would no longer be alone.

6. Sometimes (Symphonic version)

The reason for a second version of this song to exist is simple - when Andy wrote it back in 2002-2004, he envisioned it like this: no drums and a string quartet to accompany the gentle vocal melody. When you add the fact that we had decided to experiment on this EP, the rest of the band respected Andy’s request to have this song the way he heard it in his head. We’ve never written any string quartet parts, but Ivan, Nikolay and Andy did their best to write compelling parts which would sit well with the rest of the song.